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15 Mar

Glasgow Central Mosque alone is now seeing more than 200 Scots a year 'revert'.

Due to the rising number of Scots finding Islam, mosques across the country are also setting up support groups for new 'reverts'. Reversion is the preferred term within Islam for those who 'convert' - as Muslims believe everyone is born believing in Allah.

Ms Davidson told the PM that LGBTI rights are more important to her than the Conservative party, which she led to win 12 crucial seats in Scotland, after the PM announced her plan to rely on the Northern Irish protestant party to stay in government.

She said: ‘I was fairly straightforward with her (Mrs May) and I told her that there were a number of things that count to me more than the party.

‘One of them is country, one of the others is LGBTI rights.

‘I asked for a categoric assurance that if any deal or scoping deal was done with the DUP there would be absolutely no rescission of LGBTI rights in the rest of the UK, in Great Britain, and that we would use any influence that we had to advance LGBTI rights in Northern Ireland.

“I went away from that thinking that maybe I should be a Christian.

“But a few months later, while meditating, I found myself pulled in the direction of Islam.

Burns Night has arrived – and as well as celebrating the life of a legendary Scottish poet, it also conjures up images of kilts, bagpipes and rugged highlanders. We’ve all fallen for Gerard Butler and Ewan Mc Gregor on the big screen, and of course the more mature ladies will remember the irresistible husky tones of Scottish hunk Sean Connery declaring: “The name’s Bond. So what exactly is this ‘Scots-appeal’ that sets Celtic men apart from other men?Get directions on Google Maps The Portrait Gallery is located in the city centre near St Andrews Square.It is a 10 minute walk from the Scottish National Gallery and a 15 minute walk from the Royal Mile.After that I started reading again, but this time in a more emotional way.Under-fire Theresa May has promised lesbian Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson the Conservatives will not backtrack on gay rights as a result of doing a deal with the DUP.