Sdat bad catalog when updating

28 Jun

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Set Metadata() clear band metadata (#5628) HFA driver: * fix recognition of Hotine Mercator Azimuth Center in Imagine format (and Swisstopo Geo TIFF) (#5551) JP2KAK driver: * fix bug in vsil_target::end_rewrite() that prevented TLM index to be generated (#5585) JPIPKAK driver: * avoid symbol collision with kdu_cpl_error_message from JP2KAK driver (#4865) MSG driver: * fix compilation problem (#5479) NITF driver: * HISTOA TRE: put definition of TRE in conformance with STDI-0002 (App L page 14) and STDI-0006 (Page 57) (#5572) Open JPEG driver: * fix warning when reading a single tile image whose dimensions are not a multiple of 1024 (#5480) OZI Map driver: * retrieve the image filename in a case insensitive way (#5593) PDF driver: * fix compilation problem with Podofo on Windows (#5469) Post GISRaster driver: * Fix read of metadata for tables with multiple raster cols (#5529) VRT driver: * make sure nodata value set on VRT raster band is taken into account in statistics computation (#5463) * fix Compute Statistics() on VRT that are a sub-window of source dataset (#5468) * VRT raw: fix corrupted serialization on Windows (#5531) * Implement heuristics to determine if Get Minimum()/Get Maximum() should use the implementation of their sources of not.

Can be overriden by setting VRT_MIN_MAX_FROM_SOURCES = YES/NO (#5444) WMS driver: * fix to make GDAL_DEFAULT_WMS_CACHE_PATH configuration option work as expected (#4540) XYZ driver: * fix back line seeking with datasets that have not the same number of values per lines (#5488) * report correct values of min/max for GDT_Float32 bands (#5492) == OGR core == * Fix OGRFeature:: Set Geometry Directly() and Set Geom Field Directly() to free the passed geometry even if the method fails (#5623) * OGRLayer Decorator: remove return statements from void methods (#5618) * OSR proj.4 import: for HOM, make sure no_off/no_uoff is preserved, and change default value of gamma parameter to be the same as alpha (#5511) == OGR utilities == * ogr2ogr: fix problem with SRS when copying layers with multiple geometry columns with different SRS (#5546) * ogr2ogr: turn string value to one element list if destination field is stringlist == OGR drivers == CSV driver: * fix to avoid truncation of WKT geometries to 8000 characters (#5508) File GDB: * use Latest WKID when available, and turn import From EPSG() errors into warning (#5638) Geo JSON driver: * accept and skip UTF-8 BOM (#5630) GME driver: * Merged Set Spatial Filter fix GML driver: * fix bug that prevented multiple instanciation of the reader with Xerces backend (#5571) * update GFS files for RUIAN (#5610) GPKG driver: * fix crash on ogr2ogr -f GPKG with non-spatial layer (#5445) * fix Get Extent() crash on layers without extent set in gpkg_contents (#5471) * put correct value (1) in gpkg_geometry_columns for 2.5D tables (#5481) * fix component geometry type of GPKG 3D Multi Geometries (#5629) IDRISI driver: * fix support for multi-ring polygons (#5544) VFK driver: * change default DB filename Map Info File driver: * MIF: Remove duplicate OLCSequential Write test and report OLCCreate Field (#5477) * MIF: don't write field width for integer fields in .mif, which is incompatible with Map Info (#3853) * MIF: close polygon rings when reading Region from MIF file (#5614) MSSQL driver: * Fix schema handling (#5401) * Fix spatial geometry field handling (#5474) My SQL driver: * thread-safe initialization of mysql client library (#5528) NAS driver: * implement wfs:update (adds new context 'update' and fields "endet" and "anlass" to "delete" layer).

* also assign xlink:href attributes as layer attribute, not only in "alkis_beziehungen" layer; (#5372) OCI driver: * fix memory leaks (#5599) * fix creation of DATE fields (#5600) * fix creation of columns whose name length is longer than 30 characters (#5466) Open File GDB driver: * fix occasionnal write-after-end-of-buffer (#5464) * fix spatial filter with General Polygon shapes (#5591) * add compatibility with .gdbtable files bigger than 4 GB (#5615) * remove not really justified check in .gdbtablx that prevents legit GDB to be read (#5635) * fix for reading GDB with string fields with a default value length 127 (#5636) * support opening files with Configuration Keyword=MAX_FILE_SIZE_4GB or MAX_FILE_SIZE_256TB (#5615) * use Latest WKID when available, and turn import From EPSG() errors into warning (#5638) * increase accepted size for field description zone up to 10 MB (#5660) OSM driver: * fix random crash, particularly on Mac OSX (#5465) PG driver: * fix crash when writing a String List with 0 element (#5655, derived from patch by rtorre) PGDump driver: * fix crash when writing a String List with 0 element (#5655, derived from patch by rtorre) Shapefile driver: * fix writing values up to 2^53 in OFTReal fields with 0 decimal places (#5625) TIGER driver: * Fix potential buffer underflow when providing /vsistdin/ to Tiger driver (#5567) VFK driver: * recode also header values (#5631) * process DKATUZE from header properly (#5633) == SWIG Language Bindings == Java bindings: * Pass e RWFlag to allow both reading or writing (#5506). Perl bindings: * Fix schema corruption when 'Index' is a field (#5662) = GDAL/OGR 1.11.0 Release Notes (r25919 to r27200) = == In a nutshell...

= GDAL/OGR 1.11.1 Release Notes = The 1.11.1 release is a bug fix release.

== Build == * Fix compilation errors with json-c 0.12 (#5449) * configure: fix for cpl_recode_compilation error on freebsd 10 (#5452) * Fix compilation error in alg/when AVX is available, but not SSE (#5566) * Fix wrong include order in ingr and nitf subdirs w.r.t internal libtiff (#5644) * Add CPL_UNUSED for gcc = 4 (#5414) == Port == * CPLSpawn() on Windows: quote arguments with spaces in them (#5469) * /vsigzip/: avoid infinite loop when reading broken gz file (#5486) * /vsizip/: fix bug that caused premature end of file condition with some read patterns (#5530) * /vsizip/: on 4GB zips: accept declare 0 disks (#5615) * Fix stack corruption upon thread termination with CPLSet Thread Local Config Option on Windows 32 bit (#5590, reported by cleo) * cpl_http.cpp: truly set CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL if available (#5568) == GDAL Core == * EXIF reader: add missing validation for some data types (#3078) * Fix segfault in GDALPam Raster Band:: Serialize To XML() when saving an empty RAT (#5451) * Windows plugin: complementary fix to #5211 to avoid error dialog box when there are dependency problems (#5525) * RPC transformer with DEM: fix near interpolation (patch by liminlu0314, #5553) * Open CL warper: remove unused variable in bilinear resampling that can cause compilation error (#5518) * GDALCreate TPSTransformer(): fix crash if the forward or backward transform cannot be computed (#5588) * Overview: ignore alpha=0 values when compute an average overview of an alpha band; and also avoid memory errors when calling Get Mask Band()/Get Mask Flags() after overview computation if Get Mask XXX() has been called before (#5640) == Utilities == * fix inverted long/lat in Bounding Box and Origin elements of (#5336) * make it work (again) with color tables with less than 256 entries (#5555) == GDAL drivers == BAG driver: * change nodata value for uncertainty band to 1e6; and do not expose wrong values of minimum and maximum of uncertainty band (#5482) DIMAP driver: * DIMAP 2: handle the case where the Raster_Data element is in main file; fix to extract geodetic SRS; fix to extract geotransform from JPEG2000 file if not available in XML (#5018, #4826) ENVI driver: * avoid generating potentially corrupted files when opening in update mode; Write 'Arbitrary' instead of 'Unknown' as the projection name for an undefined SRS; when writing, consider that LOCAL_CS SRS is like ungeoreferenced (#5467) ERS driver: * reset Raster Info.