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02 Jan

–Over the weekend, one of my “down-south” girlfriends told me that she had heard rumors of some “dancers” shooting either a show or a pilot around Atlanta.

I really feel like I need to know the person that I’m dealing with and that takes time. It’s not by choice though; it’s just that I’m picky. I’m going to be REALLY picky about a man that’s going to be on top of me and sweating on me.

With Drake, he was always a gentleman, he was really sweet and he cared for me. Honestly, from what I heard it was ….it’s always this way with dancing and that’s why it’s so hard for dancers to take relationships seriously because everything is fine when it just fun but once the guy starts to really care about you, oh, it’s his friends.

“You don’t understand her career” but it’s like ‘I don’t know, do you think you should be going this far? It can be a regular Joe on the street or an entertainer. Actually the first time we ever hung out was for the AMA’s.

With all of this coming to a head, Maliah decided to put Sean on blast via Twitter, and he then took it to text to get more private…which she put on blast too.

Check out the interview below and the tweets and texts in the gallery.