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01 Jun

Blood pounds in your ears when you think about slipping your hand inside those sexy, sexy panties and feeling silky young skin and, oh, a preteen's pussy, a young little pussy, a hairless marvel of nature, a perfect sexy handful, something you've dreamed about. Late-afternoon sun felt warm on my skin, a perfect temperature, not too hot. I loved fire, such a manly thing, so I had no problem grilling. She used to be slender but childbirth had added some width to her hips, some substance to her frame. Her acrimonious divorce had added lines to her face. Her dark brown hair was cut to shoulder-length, straight and thick. The combination of her sparklingly attractive personality, her intensely attractive face, and her boundless energy appealed to me deeply, much more than Kate ever had. While I knew Jill would have frowned at Sam drinking, what could a few sips do? Kids in Europe had wine with the rest of their family at dinner. Somehow, distracted by a movie and Sam cuddling to my side, she'd consumed almost half a bottle! ." Her smiling lips shut me up, sweet eyes twinkling as we kissed again. She grinned at me and slammed her mouth against mine, her tongue friskily exploring the shape of my lips. Sam could kiss better than any female I'd ever kissed, by far. As we kissed, as my erection strained and ached, confined in tight jeans, as a sexy little nymph pressed her pussy to my groin, my hand found the tail of her blouse. It's even better when the sexy little girl smiles coyly, expectant eyes glittering with naughty excitement, and she says, "Guess what? I turned my face up to the sun, smiling as Sam's delighted laughter burst out again. She still had beautiful eyes, warm and caring, and a smile that could knock your socks off; one Sam had inherited. At five-five, I could rest my chin on the top of her head, which I did, much to her pretend annoyance. Guiltily, with a hard erection pressing in my jeans, I balled her panties up and slipped them into a pocket. Thus, it came as a rather big surprise when the last few drops of wine fell from an empty bottle. Glancing down at her, I was quite impressed, if truth be told. But, when tongues met, time slowed down, Sam quieting, murmuring, arms hugging my neck. Bobby's eyes followed the sway of her meaty buttocks...barley covered as she pranced into her bedroom. She glanced down at the throbbing protrusion, then down the hallway to make sure her husband was downstairs. Bobby let out a little sigh and Linda giggled as she brushed his hair back with her long nails. "You're not the only show-off in this house." She smiled. He may even turn them inside out and suck on the crotch. Drawn like a magnet he moved to her time to see the towel fall to the floor. " She whispered in a cute little mommy-tone, glancing towards the master bath where her husband could be heard preparing for work. Bobby flexed his boner, making it rise even higher under his shorts. "You are so damn cute." She smiled, liking the way the lengthy dong felt tucked down into her soft butt-cleavage. Jesus, it feels like I have a fat Italian sausage tucked inside the entire length of my butt-crack. She pulled him forward and lay his head on her soft breasts. "Somehow I don't doubt that." Linda said, glancing down at the teenaged cock-bulge. She turned for the door...finding another pair of her panties hanging from the inside door handle. I can picture his cute little eyes rolling back as he tastes the bitter sweetness...a result of my daily trickle of pussy butter. Before dropping them in her hamper Linda held the pair of soaked panties with two fingers. And you can't do this thing if you're not a hundred percent.

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Oh the poor baby..must be crazy horny...sneaking up on me like that. She tore her eyes from the bulge and found her son watching her reaction. So this is why all the moms I know are trying to get an eighteen year old between their legs. It's like a jolt of electricity just shot through it. "Will you sit on my did the other morning? She felt it push back...flexing up against her warm crevice. I don't mind you coming in for a visit when I'm getting dressed. Bobby looked down and noticed a big wet pre-cum stain which had soaked through his shorts. "Thank you..after you change make sure you get that monster under control before you come downstairs." She said, giving his cock another half-smiling glance. Curiously, she brought the gob of cock-juice up to her nose and smelt. First there were those long bronze legs, which looked so soft. Her pretty face..still wet and slicked back from the shower. "Show off." She said teasingly...a nervous young girl who wanted so badly to get her hands on it. I miss you." She smiled, folding one of her sexy lacy bras.

Anna is sixteen; no problem there you probably think,but the thing is she was my son's girlfriend. I had one or two flings over the years but the wife wasn't interested in sex so I kept going back to the simplicity of my porn stash. I hadn't just been caught pulling my cock by my son's girlfriend. Anna would soon turn and run from the room in horror. She wore the current style of clothes so typical of today's Modern Miss.

It was one of my masturbatory soirees that led to my son's girlfriend Anna, catching me mid-wank. My son had gone to school and I thought that I had the house to myself. The video was playing and I had a whole day stretching ahead with no one to disturb my time. I was sat in my armchair watching one of the old Color Climax flicks from the seventies. Hipster jeans that complimented her beautifully and showed off her taut, flat tummy.

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