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16 Oct

The practice is not illegal when photos are shared between consenting adults, but when minors are involved, sexual-exploitation and child-pornography laws can come into play, so great care is needed in the handling of sexting cases involving people under 18.

However, although there have been some highly publicized cases, prosecution of minors for distribution of sexting photos has been relatively rare in the US.

At this point, Turner left the scene: The timeline here suggests that Turner left his victim for an unspecified period of time, before returning to the scene — at which point the two Swedish men, Peter Jonsson and Carl-Fredrik Arndt, spotted him on top of the victim and intervened.

As initially referenced in an ABC News report (published prior to the police report's release in full), Santa Clara police "observed a text message sent to Turner in the Group Me application that said 'Who's t*** are those?

One note: If you’re under 18, never, ever, under any circumstances, share a photo of yourself naked.

You can be prosecuted as a sex offender, even for sending a picture of yourself consensually.

A case was registered following the woman’s complaint.

The officer said the woman suspected that something was amiss and forcibly took possession of her husband’s handset around four days back.

When someone uses pressure or coercion to get nude or sexually explicit photos from another person, that’s usually a form of sexual harassment.

Young people need to see that pressure for what it is – that it’s inherently disrespectful and abusive, that they owe themselves the self-respect that prevents this victimization, and that there are laws against it in many jurisdictions.

On the night of Turner's arrest, a witness actually saw him standing over his victim's body, pointing his phone at her and seemingly taking a picture or video.

"The cell phone had a bright light pointed in the direction of the female," the police report quotes the witness as saying, "using either a flashlight app on the phone or its built in app." The witness went over to make sure everything was all right and to try to help the victim, who was unconscious.