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05 Nov

In my worst nightmare, I could never guess that this would have happened.' Originally convicted: Former New York City police officer Gilberto Valle, dubbed by local media as the 'Cannibal Cop' after a guilty verdict was delivered at his trial as seen in this courtroom sketch Valle has been out of jail since July after being cleared of conspiring to abduct, cook and eat women.

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Her parents sent her to Catholic schools, and her mother, a retired district judge, now jokes that she wants her money back.Indy-Girl recognized that she was too old for him, which was “depressing,” but she offered that her little sister liked older men. “We could meet somewhere discreet.”John had been in the Army for eight years, serving in Desert Storm and Bosnia, and had graduated from Penn State with a degree in history. He also admitted that he wanted a relationship more than he wanted sex. He offered them sodas, and they chatted about what they liked to drink—Indy-Girl said she preferred beer—and about how long the drive had taken.He was thinking of leaving the service, in part because he felt picked on by other soldiers. He hoped to find someone who “could accept me the way I am.” “Give it a chance,” Indy-Girl encouraged. It was a “normal conversation,” one of the cops later wrote, until John “saw the agents approaching him, and he began backing away.” A plainclothes officer whom John had seen standing by the lake, holding a fishing pole and a tackle box, shouted at him to put his hands behind his back.In the HBO documentary Thought Crimes which premiered on Thursday at Tribeca Film Festival, Valle talks about his 2012 arrest and the claims that allegedly plotted to kidnap, torture, and eat his wife and other women online.Months before his arrest in late 2012, Gilberto Valle, then a New York police officer, sat at his computer, hiding behind fictional online identities and exchanging messages about murdering and eating women'And then you shut the computer off, and that’s it. But someone might say the anonymous nature could also bring out who you really are.