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22 Jan

My wifes brother got married a year back to a girl named Anu. in height, black eyes, shoulder length black hair, a cute face, a flat tummy, 36C tits and a nice figure. Right from the day of her engagement to my brother-in-law, Anupam, we became good friends. The room was equipped with such brew makers for the guests to feel free for a drink anytime they wanted. Then I poured the coffee into two cups and asked, how would you like the coffee? I made the brew as per her taste and took the cups to the bed. An uncomfortable silence followed as we drank the coffee. She looked me in the eyes and tried to blink back tears. Then I asked her again, Now please Anu, tell me the truth. I said, Good to see that you are trying to get to the grass roots of the problem. Her breast felt soft against my body and it was the first time I felt something like this towards Anu. I now am going to tell you how to create the right kind of an attraction to a man. It can be trying to change your appearance a bit by trying different costumes, saree one day, second day a mini, a see-thru some other day and so on. I was caught unawares and didnt understand where this was leading up to, I said, yes, why ever not?

Our friendship was so strong that she shared the most intimate problems with me, even the ones she would otherwise have shared with her mother or her husband. My company also has business interests in Hyderabad. I switched on the percolator and waited for the coffee to boil. Finally, after both of us were through with the drink, I got up and sat beside Anu. But she knew she could not conceal anything from me and burst out crying openly, her face buried in my chest. Good God, girl, you have the right kind of assets and you are not an illiterate. You dont always have to be the drab wife when you come back from the office. She came close to me and said, Pankaj, please touch me and make me feel the pleasure of being sexy.

They called off the operation after about 10 hours without finding any, police said.

Rebels later ambushed and shot at an army patrol as it was returning from the operation in the Shopian area, according to police.

Prostitution is widespread in India, although it is currently a contentious issue.

The row deepened on Tuesday as Daily revealed how United told its staff that the doctor 'tried to strike law enforcement'.

That version of events is not apparently supported by videos taken by other passengers.

The doctor spoke to WLKY and told them 'everything' was injured.

Dr Dao has not yet sued the airline but it is clear that if he did, the documents would likely be used by United in their attempt to defend their actions.