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25 Dec

Finding and adding friends on We Chat, however, may not be so obvious, especially to new users. You can search for friends by looking up their We Chat IDs or their phone numbers directly, or you can link your phone address book to let We Chat find your friends for you with Recommended.The obvious first step is to make sure you have the latest version of We Chat downloaded onto your device.Nowadays, you can find a lot of QR code scanner app or features in i OS apps if you are using i Phone.We Chat is a really useful app, it can not only help us make free video calls, audio calls, but also share videos on mobile phones, send files to anyone we like.To create a QR Code ticket, the developer should provide a parameter (scene_id) that they have set.Wechat social marketing value had risen quickly since the launch of Wechat 5.0, an increasing number of enterprises laid emphasis on Wechat marketing.Non-followers can follow an official account and then We Chat pushes the followed event with the scene value to the developer. Followers can enter a chat automatically after scanning the corresponding QR Code, and We Chat pushes this scanning event with the scene value to the developer.To obtain a Parametric QR Code, developers need to create a QR Code ticket and then exchange it for a QR Code for the URL specified by the ticket.

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One is that the extension of keyword is too wide, too many search results increased users’ sunk cost.Tap on Scan QR Code from above screen, you will open the QR scan window as following.Point your i Phone camera to the QR code which you like to scan, align QR code within frame to scan.Temporary QR Codes expire after 1,800 seconds and can be batch generated.There are less permanent codes available to developers but they do not expire; currently up to 1,000 can be generated.