Simon huck and jonathan cheban dating great questions for dating couples

03 Nov

Suffice to say, he's a man who wears a lot of (expensive and fancy) hats.Ultimately, I decided to go straight to the source and debunk what he actually does on like, a daily basis, with his life.As a veterinarian and animal lover who runs a vegan blog, this flies in the face of everything that Nancy stands for. He totally lost and it and has been launching attacks on Nancy ever since, claiming she needs cosmetic surgery to look better. Nancy shared some of his negative comments with her followers and they're pretty vicious: @jonathancheban trolled my IG to tell me, I'm ugly for wearing glasses, I need lip injections, I need a chin implant, I'm the worst looking vegan alive and I'm fat.Her comment may have been a little blunt but, let's be honest, what's a bit of bluntness in the face of animals suffering to make his tacky outfits? If I'm all those things, maybe he should be the one wearing glasses?After one afternoon when I fell into the rabbit hole of Cheban's social media accounts (photos of pricey diamond watches worth my student loan debt on Instagram, clips of glamorous jaunts to St.'re someone's mother..." — which Cheban did not take kindly to.

One breezy afternoon in August, I spent the day with the man himself, who brought me along on a day of pre-travel errands while also making sure I understood that he's far from a rich-kid mooching off of his famous friends.

And despite his overuse of hyperbolic words and phrases (everything is "insane" and he literally "can't even") somehow after the dizzying day, I walked away from my encounter with Cheban believing him.

He is on their reality show and apart of Kim's Hollywood game. How do I stalk his life when he literally trolled my page and wrote how ugly I am over not having plastic surgery?

And why would I be "excited" over a guy body shaming a woman?? Of course he deleted it 5 minutes later because he looks like a total douche. #kyliejenner #kimkardashian #kourtneykardashian #kendalljenner #simonhuck #celebsgodating #perezhilton #vegan #vegancommunity #vegangirl #bodyshaming #coreygamble #blacchyna #compassion #ethical #furhag @theshaderoom #theshaderoom #stephshep @steph_shep A post shared by Sophisticated Vegan Official (@sophisticatedvegan) on and he's found himself being accused of being rude after that.