Songs with dating violence

07 Dec

(Click here for the full post.) I am glad to go beyond listing songs that are about violence against women (though we have a great list of songs and movies on the Prevent Connect wiki.) We need more songs (and plays and poems) about taking a stand to stop violence and rape.What songs inspire you in efforts to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault? Lee, MPH, is the Director of Prevention Services at the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault where he provides training and technical assistance on prevention.David manages the national project Prevent Connect, an online community of violence against women prevention practitioners, funders, researchers and activists.For over 27 years David has worked in efforts to end domestic violence and sexual assault.——————————————————————————————————————– Song Number 1: 18 Wheeler – Pink Pop-rock star Pink sings about standing up to one’s abuser and how abuse can’t keep a strong woman down and a call-to-action to women to draw on their courage and resilience.The Pixel Project is celebrating 16 Days of Activism to End Gender Violence with a selection of 16 Songs About Violence Against Women (and Staying Strong and Positive).From medieval bards to protest folk singers of the 1960s to today’s Pop, Rock and Country songwriters, musicians, singers and songwriters have always played a pivotal role in spreading the message about social issues via their lyrics and using musical hooks to ensure that the song stays with the listener until the message sinks in.

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In honor of teen dating violence awareness month and the campaign to Free Marissa Alexander, we offer the following selection of songs about the realities of abuse and about overcoming violence.

When I heard the buzz about the performance of Rihanna and Britney Spears the day following the Billboard Music Awards, I was peeved for a couple of reasons. The two singers sang the “S&M remix” while gyrating around two stripper poles, holding chains, neither wearing pants, ending with a contrived pillow fight.

The fact that people were talking about it means that the uninspired formula worked.

Haven’t we been here before, circa 2003 with Madonna?

My annoyance quickly melted to concern as I pondered the sadomasochism theme.