Technorati recent blog post not updating

16 Apr

You need to actively promote that new post so that people can see it and have a chance to read it.It can take a long time to build up email and RSS subscribers, so in the meantime, you will need to be more proactive. My Drupal site has an automatic XML Sitemap module installed.I rummaged the Internet for signs that I wasn’t the only one seeing this sudden disappearance of millions of pages and hardly found any reputable sources covering it. Over the past decade Technorati had become a staple on the web.

Yet, as any denizen of the blogosphere knows, it is not chaotic. If you are unfamiliar with Technorati, it is a site that among other things, creates a 'link cosmos' of various links in the blogosphere.If you were to ask anyone who knows their way around cyberculture about the blogosphere, Technorati would undoubtedly be top-of-mind.Technorati used to be a genuinely useful and colossally large index of blogs.Here are all the things I do after I publish a post to get readers to it. XML is a programming language, similar to HTML, that search engines like Google and Bing can read.The XML Sitemap is used to provide the search engine your website's complete content and directory structure, and to communicate changes any time there's a new piece of content.