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13 Oct

create trigger utr_Val Info on Table1 after insert as begin declare @size int = 4; declare @val Info varchar(10) = select right('0000' convert(varchar, /* inserted Row.

Tab1_val1 */), @size) from inserted '-' select right('0000' convert(varchar, /* inserted Row.

Column B FROM inserted i INNER JOIN dbo.triggertest Table t ON i.

I want to run a trigger when I update a certain field on the database, so it updates another field (basically we have 2 different unique IDs for each record, so when one is changed, we need to update the other too - yay!

However, these data types are included for backward compatibility purposes only.

The preferred storage for large data is to use the varchar(max), nvarchar(max), and varbinary(max) data types.

The sole difference between these two is what fires them, not what they do. Your table and column names are completely non-descriptive as well.

You can use these temporary, memory-resident tables to test the effects of certain data modifications and to set conditions for DML trigger actions.

You cannot directly modify the data in the tables or perform data definition language (DDL) operations on the tables, such as CREATE INDEX.

For some reason I thought it would stop the update entirely but that's obviously not the case. Last Updated = '1900-04-01` FROM Contact ct WHERE ... Edit: I've just noticed that a1ex07 has posted essentially the same answer.

Please be aware of the risky assumption being made when reasoning that "When the user updates the column manually it takes their update".