Updating active x

24 Dec

This topic contains an Important notice about IMM2 firmware and the Java or Active X applet.Important: The IMM2 uses a Java applet or an Active X applet to perform the remote presence function. I am also unsure at this time as to whether Office 2003 was affected, but have not seen any mention of a patch if it was. (note there doesn’t appear to be a separate Excel patch) Note: I have not actually been able to verify whether these patches work, but some early reports suggest they don’t work for everyone (perhaps for the same reason that the fixes below didn’t).

(if your issue is with a program other than Excel, look for the folder related to that application – e.g.

When the IMM2 is updated to the latest firmware level, the Java applet and the Active X applet are also updated to the latest level.

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It seems that a recent Office update (Tuesday 9th Dec) has broken Active X controls on worksheets.

The symptoms include (but are probably not limited to): Please note that the files will be recreated when you next use a workbook with an embedded active control – this is quite normal and should not cause you a problem! 🙂 Note: if you are having problems locating the files, you can press Win R to open the Run box, enter %temp% and press Enter.