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06 May

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How fortunate we are though that we have been able to immerse ourselves so freely in creative pursuits; to be able to embrace the positive stresses of facing a new blank page every day rather than facing the drudgery of repetition.

To all of you who have made this possible by supporting our creative endeavours: you have our whole-hearted gratitude.

While compiling these pages I realised that, from the viewpoint of our guests, Brushwood might seem like a rather vital and active centre, and I suppose it is, incorporating, as it does, so many varied areas of interest and activity, what with the art, the I got to wondering how we found the time for it all, especially since we watch six hours of TV every day as well.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that it has taken us 30 years to establish the physical place, and thousands of hours of practice in our artistic lives to hone our skills. There are so very many things that one may wish to try, yet to become truly expert at anything of sophistication one has to specialise, and forgo the perfecting of other skills and interests.

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