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03 Dec

While we can't stop the update process from happening for the majority of updates, what we can do is stop it from updating drivers to versions that deviate from those that are working, stable and preferred by YOU to be there. Start by right clicking the start menu button and selecting Control panel, or navigate to control panel however you normally would do so.

You can get to the Control Panel quickly, by calling up the run box with the Win R shortcut and then typing "control" and hitting Enter. Once the System properties window opens, click on "Advanced system settings" on the left side of the window. Windows 10 should no longer "automatically" update your driver settings.

CDM agent in the enrolled devices sends full information such as memory status, name of the device, IMEI number, roaming state, MAC address of bluetooth, MAC address of Wi Fi and so on to the server at periods configured in the settings interface.

If required, these information can be fetched on real time by clicking the 'Refresh Device Information' option in the 'Devices' interface.

The transition to Windows 10 has been in some cases a breath of fresh air, and in others, more like a whiff of landfill.

You could go big and simply prevent Windows from downloading updates altogether, or you might have luck blocking or hiding updates.In rare instances, such as restricted access to secure Web connections (HTTPS/SSL), Acti Life may be unable to update the firmware and the initialization of the device may fail.This article will step through the procedure to manually update the firmware.In the Advanced system properties window click on the hardware tab and then click on "Device installation settings". If you've installed Windows 10 recently or have updated to the more recent 1151 build update, your setting will look like this instead. Keep in mind this means you will need to manually install updated drivers for any hardware that you need or want to run with a newer release which may require you keeping tabs with the hardware OEM's product page for any devices you desire to do so for.If you wish you may also choose the "always install the best driver from windows update" option instead of "never install drivers automatically" if you wish, which will allow you to perform the windows update right click search for drivers from within the devices properties or in device manager, manually, which you cannot do with the other option enabled.