Updating linkstation firmware

29 Jan

One supposes this was a way to deal with the diskchecks that take place from time to time and which are time consuming (they need more than 5 minutes). (can be dangerous if wrong device is echoed to) After complete boot (~ 4 minutes) press the red button on the back longer than 20 seconds. Mindbender has gotten his LS1 several times into EM Mode by starting the flashing process via the firmware updater and then just cutting the network connection After avr_evtd is built-in into Open Link & Free Link you will be able to get your LS into EM Mode simply by pressing the reset button longer than 20 seconds.

I removed the RAID0-array to rebuild as a RAID1-array.

If the Link Station encounters a serious error with the hard drive or file system it will enter EM Mode.

When in EM mode the Link Station loads its file system from the flash instead of the hard drive.

Because there were errors during the creation of the array, I tried rebooting the device.

Unfortunately, now it would not want to boot anymore.

There is a possibility that you could brick your NAS with these instructions.

updating linkstation firmware-33updating linkstation firmware-41

Note: A handful of users have reported that the update process hangs at the end. In this situation wait an extended period of time (perhaps an hour or two) to make sure the firmware update is really done then power-cycle the Link Station.

LS-Updater would not update the firmware since it could not find the partitions.

So I removed the drives and connected them to my Windows PC with a USB-to-SATA-adapter. It will take a while and end with an error message which can be ignored. Deselect Rebuild table, select everything in the left Update column. Since we have partitions, the update process can install the firmware. And it ends with an error message: Now, power down, wait a few seconds and power up again.

I own a Buffalo Link Station LS-CHL NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.

It basically gives your home network a network disk like the one you probably have at the office.