Updating mygig

22 Nov

Not only was the My Gig meant to consolidate a number of features previously serviced by several different modules into one box, it was among the first to incorporate a hard drive right into the unit itself for storing those newfangled MP3s all the kids were talking about. The 2008 version I’m looking at today bears the sales code REN, as you can see in the bottom right corner of the above picture.There are several flavors of My Gig units out there. Also known as the “Media Center 430,” there were two versions of this deck produced: one with a Sirius tuner, one without. [Sircodyatl wrote that the REN is an RER unit without navigation.] Photos of the Media Center 430 / 430N include other versions, particularly the RHB, which came out in 2010.We have available courtesy disks ready for you to use.There is an option available during checkout when purchasing the MYGIG LOCKPICK for the inclusion of an update disk.

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The radio will recognize the type of CD and begin the update process automatically.

Each crash puts your firmware at risk of corruption that you can't fix.

If your My Gig System begins to Restart-Continuously following a crashed update, see this page for a diagnostic test to determine if the constant-restart is caused by a firmware problem or a hard drive problem.

From our 2011 review: The stereo has reasonably good sound and the ability to dial down the bass, except for certain sounds, which are oddly amplified, as though we were overhearing another car with overactive subwoofers.

It has a built in 30 gigabyte hard drive that lets you record from DVDs or CDs, or USB thumb drives with MP3 files.