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11 Jun

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Devices in the pci0-probe-list are: Due to internal PCI changes introduced in OBP 3.12, the Cheerio node is pseudo-probed and device 1 must always be included in the pci0-probe-list.2.5 Ultra(tm) 1 Ultra(tm) 2 Ultra(tm) 5/10 Ultra(tm) 30 Ultra(tm) 60 / E220R Ultra(tm) 80 / E420R Ultra(tm) Enterprise(tm) 250 Ultra(tm) Enterprise(tm) 450 This utility allows you to interactively update the firmware revisions in specific system Flash PROM components.Type h for help, q to quit, Return or Enter to continue : Every precaution should be taken to prevent the loss of system power during the Flash PROM programming process ! The nvquit command discards the contents of the temporary nvramrc buffer created when an nvedit session is exited. Use the set-tpe-test command to enable or disable the on-board Link Integrity Test on the SPARCserver 1000. With Sun Blade 1000/2000, power on and wait for the power button LED to blink and the speaker to beep, then quickly depress the power button twice. nvram parameter to false to disable the on-board Link Integrity Test.