Updating speakers in silverado

18 Dec

They're advertised as providing a more detailed sound, according to Columbus Car Audio & Accessories. Once you've chosen a type of car speaker, you'll need to decide how many you want.

Cook says some cars come with as little as two speakers, while larger, luxury vehicles may have as many 32. “It really just depends whether you want to replace all of them,” Cook says. If you’re budget-minded, I would start with the ones in the front. And you’re going to be in the car 100 percent of the time.” Another option to boost the sound is adding a subwoofer to your system.

Is the sound inside your car a little dull compared to what you’re used to on your home stereo?

If so, it may be time to liven up your car rides a little by upgrading to new speakers.

Question type: Maintenance & Repair Recently the driver side front speaker did not work only appeard to have the tweeter working when faded to the front and driver side. i would like to think its the stereo but when the truck is off and i have to keys in the ignition and open the doors you can bearly hear it but you can hear the dinging yet.

Is there a fuseable link for these speakers or is it the radio. answered 4 years ago i have a 03 2500hd and both of my front main speakers don't work about 80% of the time and somtimes while im driving they will just start working.

The X110-SLV comes with a stunning dash bezel that houses the 10-inch screen and provides a matching fit and finish, as if it came that way from the factory.

The rotary volume knob and big crystal buttons for music and navigation sources are backlit to match the Silverado’s factory gauges.

These speakers may need to be replaced if you are upgrading your sound system or a speaker is not functioning correctly.Pry off the cover on the door handle with the screwdriver to expose a screw. Remove the screw from the door pull with the Phillips screwdriver and then pull it out.Pull the carpet back beside the inside door handle to expose a screw. Pull the door panel up so that it will separate from the window jam.With the fuse removed turn ignition on and operate radio, if there is audio from the speakers the connectors are reversed.To correct the concern switch the connectors back to there correct location.