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03 Nov

This can be an option, but the 9600 is readily available, and should give you quite a performance boost over the stock graphics card.

You can send Microsoft Outlook contact information — yours or someone else's — to others in the v Card (.vcf) format.

This add-in for Outlook is also able to check your address-book.

It takes it a few minutes to inform you about the contacts that contain invalid email addresses.

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In order to check an address, add-in for Outlook imitates sending a message to this address.

The v Card Contact manager app is a tool that makes sharing contacts and saving contacts easy.

It is always kept up-to-date with your contacts most current information.

Now Actual Contacts for Outlook has the full functionality of Contacts Verifier add-in which was earlier offered as a separate tool for Outlook.

v Card 4 is defined by RFC6350 (text version) and was developed the vcarddav group in IETF as an update/replacement to/for v Card 3, RFC 2426.