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23 May

If we use the word "time" wrongly, we shall end up with the infantile computation of the celebrated Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh, who calculated that the Earth — "the Earth" alone, mind you, not the cosmos — had its birthday on Saturday, October 22, in 4004 BC, at six in the afternoon.This dating was endorsed by William Jennings Bryan, a former American secretary of state and two-time Democratic presidential nominee, in courtroom testimony in the third decade of the twentieth century.An objection that has often been raised is whether the chronogenealogies were intended to be used this way, or whether, for example, generations have been missed.Henry Morris, a pioneer of modern creationism, allowed for the possibility of gaps in the genealogies, but claimed that it was unreasonable to stretch the date back further than about 10,000 B. In more recent times, however, creationists have concluded that there is no reason to think that there are gaps, and this view is supported by the consensus of the experts, according to James Barr, then regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford University, and not a young-Earth creationist (he also wrote a book attacking biblical inerrancy), who wrote in 1984: "…James Ussher (1581—1656) was the Anglican Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland from 1625 to 1656.He is most famous for calculating what was believed, at the time, to be the exact first day of creation based on a detailed examination of the Bible and of older chronologies and calendars.Anyone who starts out reading the Bible with Genesis, as many people do, can easily compute the years from Adam to Solomon.The key male players are all linked with genealogies and ages. Although also it’s here that the Catholic and Protestant (King James) Bible timelines differ.

Moreover, an increasing body of evidence now suggests that the history of ancient Egypt is shorter, by several millennia, than most scholars have previously supposed.Noah cursed Ham for having shamed him (Genesis -27).The line of Ham meandered into Egypt through Ham, but the line of Ham eventually made its way into Europe and Great Britain.Early Age of Kings (Solomon to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the Babylonian captivity). Times have to be calculated using cross-links between various people mentioned in the Bible and some inferences made.Late Age of Kings (Ezra and Nehemiah to the birth of Jesus).