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25 Jan

As an American you may be surprised that I did not rank the United States very high.

You may be surprised since you have seen countless smoking hot American girls on TV.

O toliau, video bendravimas, chat'as realiu laiku ir...

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It can be difficult to separate the important from unimportant on any given day.

Reflections mean to do exactly that — by thinking about what happened today, we can consider what might happen tomorrow. To avoid default, state oil and gas company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) must make billion in foreign debt payments over the next two months, and the government is scrambling to find the cash to do so.

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It has just over billion in (mostly illiquid) foreign reserves remaining, and PDVSA's income this year will probably be close to 2016's figures — the company's oil production is expected to hover around 2.5 million barrels per day (barely 5,000 bpd more than last year).Unfortunately that is not even close to the average girl and thanks to very high obesity rates, the average hottness of a girl walking around is not very high.Couple that with the fact that American women are taking less and less care of themselves (going out in flip flops and baggy t-shirts) you can can see why they did not receive a very high score.Threads from Roosh V’s Travel Forum were also taken into account.The ideas for this map were taken from HERE from an old list of mine.