Web updating policy

13 Mar

Their packages are made automatically by batch jobs and can take a day or two to appear on the CRAN master site (maybe longer to reach CRAN mirrors).Binary packages are built for the current version of R: they may also be built for the last version in the previous series (e.g. Questions about binary packages should be addressed to those responsible for building them: Simon Urbanek (OS X) and Uwe Ligges (Windows); email addresses ‘ When submitting a package to CRAN you should use the submission form at https://CRAN. You will be sent a confirmation email which needs to be accepted.

For more information on the life cycles and support policies of specific Red Hat products, follow the links below.

This document describes the policies in place for the R package repository hosted by the Comprehensive R Archive Network.

In what follows, this CRAN package repository will be referred to as “CRAN”.

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