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18 Mar

PITTSBURG — Five Southeast Kansas Humane Society employees have called it quits, alleging leadership has been deaf to their concerns.This week, SEK Humane Society Animal Caretakers Valerie Weilert and Logan Rink and SEK Humane Society Animal Welfare Director Catherine Geiger and two other employees left the shelter they say, because of a lack leadership and a dearth of policies concerning the safety and welfare of the animals, staff and community.We can empower you to make International Payments cheaper and easier for your business.When returning funds, profits or receipts from overseas back to your home country, the process can seem daunting.Information on this website is provided by real estate professionals or developers and/or their representatives.Prices, details and availability may change; please verify any information with a real estate professional or the developer.

“I have voiced, ‘Hey I have never been taught by a vet how to do my job or even a vet tech — we would definitely prefer to have more training.“We have reached out about safety concerns and numerous issues at the shelter to get things changed and try to make improvements and we don’t feel like they have been addressed or heard.”Weilert said in the past, staff were allowed to adopt animals out to anyone without asking about other pets in the home, nor were landlord and vet checks done to make sure the right “forever home” was found — a policy was made, but with resistance from some of the board members.“The board was concerned the policies could hinder adoptions if we didn’t adopt to anyone regardless of their circumstance,” Weilert said.

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Laura Moreland DVM.“In partnership with our Primary Care Veterinarian, Dr.

Laura Moreland and staff of Girard Animal Hospital, the safety, health and wellness of the animals at the SEK Humane Society has and will always be our top priority.