When did andy roddick start dating brooklyn decker

05 Jul

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New mom and actress Brooklyn Decker may well be adding another hyphen to her résumé. Tucked into the secluded, tree-lined acreage of West Austin, the Decker/Roddick compound could easily be considered a sanctuary.

She had her heart set on a very particular stone, Arabiscato marble, largely for its striking resemblance to cookies ’n’ cream ice cream. “One day his wife called and said, ‘There’s a marble yard in San Antonio that claims to have stone that looks like cookies ’n’ cream. ’ I drove up there right away, and they had four slabs of this marble.” Her response to the discovery so close to home was bordering on elation.

“Basically, when I saw it, I hugged it,” she confides. Then they installed it.”As for the color scheme, Decker went room by room and favored liberal experimentation in pursuit of landing the perfect hue.

“Both of our husbands are into tech and give us advice,” Casey told The Post.

Casey was previously married to former New York Giant Jason Sehorn — with whom she famously admitted that she didn’t have sex for five years during their marriage.

Roddick and Decker purchased the home in 2013, at which point Decker set to work, culling points of reference from her favorite travel destinations, contemporary artists, and designers. “I love interior design more than a lot of things in life.” She demurs, a robust stack of books covering everything from architecture to hospitality in plain sight throughout her living room. “I tried to make everything go and pick a cohesive feel for the home. Picking things that you like instead of choosing a strict theme is the way to go. I sort of learned that the hard way.” Decker oversaw a handful of renovations to the space, adding an office for Roddick, and redesigning the kitchen to accommodate for family entertaining.

Casey — married to Silicon Valley exec Nav Sooch — is founder and chief executive. Roddick and Sooch are golfing buddies while Decker and Casey have been friends for five years.

#the3ofus @andyroddick." During her pregnancy, the 28-year-old actress updated fans about her growing belly. And my boobs are officially resting on my gut," she wrote on Instagram last month. Photo courtesy of my sort-of-tv-step-brother @barvonblaq @graceandfrankie." My butt has just folded itself into my belly. They have since made a home for themselves in Texas.

Their new bundle of joy joins the couple's growing family, which also includes his two "sibling" bulldogs, Billie Jean King and Bob Costas.

The former pro managed to sneak the happy news into a speech he gave Saturday at the International Tennis Hall of Fame Class of 2017 ceremony in Newport, R. "My wife, Brooklyn, most people don't know you're kind of nuts.

You're my partner in crime," Roddick said, according to People.