Who is dating penn badgley

23 Oct

"But I learned early on that that stuff is never satisfying in the end.There's a reason the French call the moment of orgasm 'la petite mort', 'the little death'.After last year's split from Zoe Kravitz, Penn was spotted canoodling with Domino Kirke.

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It is a very mature and free relationship," said the insider. Despite the fact that the band earns “no money right now,” according to his interview with Huffington Post, Penn Badgley seems happy enough to keep plugging away.But he has been pretty quiet in terms of girlfriend front.Instead of putting his girlfriend Domino Kirke in the public eye, Penn Badgley got political on Twitter about the ongoing Baltimore riots.Sounds like ‘Gossip Girl’ star has a lot to say about his hometown violence. #Black Lives Matter.” Baltimore riots have been so much on his mind that he may have forgotten about the kiss he reminisced about with Blake Lively last week.