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07 Nov

Scenes centered around the courtroom and the law offices. Leland Mc Kenzie (Richard Dysart) and Douglas Brackman, Jr. Michael Kuzak (Harry Hamlin) is the rising star partner. It made a mythical sexual position an actual thing. With such a great large cast, a few defections do happen.

Often, an episode would open with a surprising twist, which would then be played out during the rest of the show. They and the other various characters over the years deal with court as well as life. It featured some great actors who created some iconic characters. And that is one of the reason for this show's demise. At that point during its initial run, I lost interest.

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The plots were strongly character-based and dealt with both the personal lives and professional activities of the partners, associates, and staff. In the pilot opening, divorce lawyer Arnie Becker (Corbin Bernsen) and his secretary Roxanne Melman (Susan Ruttan) find senior partner Norman Chaney dead in his office.

The Football Association, English football’s governing body, was formed in 1863.

‘Organised football’ or ‘football as we know it’ dates from that time.

Morley wrote to Bell’s Life, a popular newspaper, suggesting that football should have a set of rules in the same way that the MCC had them for cricket.

His letter led to the first historic meeting at the Freemasons' Tavern in Great Queen Street, near to where Holborn tube station is now.