Who is monica the singer dating

17 Aug

We found out that in 2003, three years after Jarvis’ death, his mother, Tyra Weems, spoke to the media to let the world know that she believes Monica has been lying the whole time about the death of her son and that she thinks Monica is withholding information.

Hopefully Monica and Jarvis’ family are in a much better space now, but take a look at what was reported on Jarvis’ mother below and let us know your thoughts on this family.

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But she is a true lady in every sense of the word, who rides for her peoples and always keeps it real. I read sandrarose all the time and I’d like shout you out for finally pressing all that hair out you better work lol.

They were in a committed relationship with each other.

What is true is that Monica and her family sent well wishes and supported Corey and his family through his tough times.

Life imitated art and the love interest in that video became the love interest of her life.

They dated, got engaged, and married all in less than six months. You kind of get over the outer appearance doing what I do after a while,” she continued.“It doesn’t take that long in this business, you see how ugly people are on the inside, so with him is was really interesting I think to me that the first time we met he was talking about his grandmother.”The “It All Belongs To Me” singer was wary of their connection at first.