Who is tina louise dating

31 Oct

Broadway legend Elaine Stritch seduced him in a mink coat and heels and nothing else and he had a fling with the 'insatiable' Tina Louise who played Ginger on 'Gilligan's Island'.

Goldsmith once tried being a gigolo but quit after dating a woman in her 70s because he found himself trying to steal her diamond ring.

He channeled a suave Argentinian friend of his to create an Ernest Hemingway-type character that turned him into a pop culture sensation.His legion of fans included Barack Obama and in 2011 he was invited to Camp David for a surprise 50th birthday party for the President and his closest friends.Goldsmith charts his unlikely success in his upcoming memoir. Goldsmith writes that he knocked around Hollywood for decades, sleeping with any woman he could get his hands on.'The attention, approval and warmth I always craved from my mother and never received has forced me to look for approval in other places, namely women.During that time, it’s become crystal clear to me that you’re a creative, confident woman who isn’t afraid of hard work.Seriously, you’re posting new photos from different shoots . Was becoming a model something you’ve always wanted?