Windows 7 reliability monitor not updating teen dating vioence

28 Jan

ything as gone well with the exception of the Reliability Monitor. There are five listings on day one, five on day two, two on day three, one on day four, two on day five and two...

It opens quickly enough but it only shows events from the period 16th to 20th Oct and states that it was last updated on the 20th Oct at 2300 hours. While the reliability monitor and event viewer can be useful troubleshooting tools, I have trouble what can safely be ignored.

Second, I understand that the Reliability Monitor will assign a stability index number, as an indication of how stable/unstable one's computer is.

I have looked through the program, however I am unable to locate that numerical entry.

It opens no problem but only provides details commencing on the 16th Oct to 20th Oct.

It also states that it was last updated 20th Oct at 2300 hours. Another weird thing I came across in the Release Preview (which I know is not a final product, but it is a strange issue).

Reliability Monitor tracks the history of your computer — any time an application crashes, hangs, or Windows gives you a blue screen of death. You can click on each day that has a crash, then go back in the list to before all the crashes started and figure out what was installed to make things break… If you open up the Action Center, you can use the “View reliability history” link to get there, but we’d recommend opening the start menu or start screen and searching for “reliability”, which is probably faster.

After substituting the files it looked great and I had a "10" back.. I waited 24 hours and then 48 hours, but the RAC never updated.

I was taken aback today to find Windows Mail creating a critical event and appearing as 'Stopped working' each day for the past six days.

In system tray, the One Drive icon shows it synchs regularly. Hello, can you help please, my reliability monitor is not working, it runs as per the schedule but does not produce any data, my problems started recently following a small corruption with the library docs, this corruption caused the R/monitor to run continuously, I rectified this error with a...

You can see each day (or week) that had a crash or other event, and you can click on any of them to understand what happened during that time period.

It’s an extremely useful way to do some analysis when you’re asked to fix somebody else’s computer.