Wrt610n validating identity

19 Oct

Either one delivers high performance for smooth streaming video, high frame-rate gaming, fast data transfers, and heavy Internet use from multiple users-- all with great range and reduced dead spots.It also connects to your existing Wireless-G, -B, or -A devices. Connect Gigabit-enabled networked storage drives, computers, printers, and other devices to the four Gigabit Ethernet ports and enjoy higher speeds than provided by routers with Fast Ethernet wired ports.Therefore if you want to test out dd-wrt on this unit it is probably ok to use it, but you should be prepared to hook up a USB-TTL adapter in case something goes wrong or if you want to return to OEM fw.R7000 support will get into dd-wrt once we have a unit. I'll send a small Paypal donation to dd-wrt today as well.IAS is installed without any questions of any kind, the CA service installation is also painless yet it does ask you to name the certificate authority.

Your wireless connections are radio band selectable to avoid interference in your area, and the four built-in Gigabit ports supply high-speed connections to your wired devices.

The friendly name is simply what'll show up in the IAS management console.

The client-vendor attribute is best set at RADIUS Standard unless your access point are one of the relatively few vendors in the list. This is required for the authentication piece which we will come back to in the Policies later. This secret is used by the Radius server and the client, which is the WAP(s) and not by the actual wireless clients, so it's transmitted on the wired network only.

That is also the reason, why there is R6300v2 R6250 is currently not supported, we just don't have a unit to work [email protected] - Read that thread, the firmware did not work for me, and it seems to be based on an older kernel? All this in the hopes that dd-wrt can "officially" support this fantastic router soon.

Of course, I'm anxious to use dd-wrt on my own R7000, and I hope you can succeed with a latest kernel build for it as well. Just a note, be aware that you most likely run into problems with this build.