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26 Feb

PEDDa L®, along with much of the related software and methods, is patent-pending.

The current price for entering a document record into the database is (US) for the first record entry, and an additional for the next 9 records, submitted at the same time.

Unlike document archive services, to whom you must give copies of your documents, PEDDa L® does not require that you provide a copy of your documents to anyone - even us - to register them.

And unlike "trusted timestamping" services, which must remain in business and also must be trusted by a court or your lawsuit opponent, your investment in PEDDa L® protection is secure almost immediately, with far lower risks.

Katherine came out of retirement and became co-CEO of Chancellor again with Jill.

Mac was shocked to realize that Ralph was in town, and Mac's one-time love, Billy Abbott, jumped to her rescue when Mac came face-to-face with Ralph.