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08 Apr

The youngest women who took him out on a date was a 21-year-old, whereas his oldest date till now was a 105-year-old woman in a village near Pondicherry.

SO…here are SOME of the many things I’ve saved that describe exactly what it is I’ve been holding out for, someone unique and unconventional, someone like myself.

Going to the club feels fake, and so I thought of going out on dates," says the ace photographer.

Since then, as Sunder puts it, he's been having some of the best times of his life.

His name was redbull many woman suspected he was married but were too dumb to put two and two together. I was only on oasis a short time and yes there are some crazy people on there but after a few days I starting talking to my now partner and thanks to oasis or we would never have met!

Not only is he my best friend he's my beautiful loving partner..Thankyou Oasis I had been on and off oasis for a few years.