Xbmc library not updating movies

03 May

When you launch the add-on it brings up a list of those episodes making it easy for you to just start watching from where you left off.There are options available which allow you to tweak the default behaviour and you will find details of these after the installation guide. I have a folder containing multiple movie folders and a Mezzmo server with daily maintenance enabled.The problem I am having is that top most folder (the one containing movie folders) doesn't have its thumbnail refreshed.From all the great new features in this addon, Quasar library integration support is the one we are the most excited about. Locate the Quasar library folder we’ve just set, you’ll see a new folder called “Shows” containing the TV shows you’ve added to the library.There’s no need to install extra addons anymore, Quasar integrates with the library natively. We’ll use Quasar’s own data folder which is in a different path on each OS, you can use a custom location if you want to. Click on the “Shows” folder and once inside it click on “OK”.One of the most important steps in setting up Kodi is creating your media library. If you haven’t ripped your movie collection to your hard drive, you’ll need to do that first.Check out my tutorial on DVD and Blu-ray ripping with Make MKV.

To update the thumbnail, right-click on the folder and click Properties.Ensure you go into “Set Content” and change the item, “This directory contains” to Movies or whatever content you have in your source.If you already had a source set up, you will need to edit it by selecting it, pressing C (or right clicking the mouse) and choosing edit source. Actually, this guide does away with exporting and importing mostly.I got tired of waiting for my large collection to download every time I did an upgrade or removed a Kodi source/share.