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24 Aug

If you know the username for an account, you can use the "Email new password" feature on the Special: User Login page.

To use the feature, visit the Special: User Login page for the relevant wiki, fill in the Username field of the form and press the ”Email new password" button.

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Ormandy uploaded screenshots of Fitbit and Uber sessions with sensitive information redacted. While the number of leaks is relatively small (about .00003% of HTTP requests, or 1 in every 3,300,000 requests, according to Cloudflare), the extent of the bug, which is being called "Cloudbleed," is far-reaching.

In a Medium blog post, security researcher Ryan Lackey wrote, "The duration and potential breadth of information exposed is huge — Cloudflare has over 2 million websites on its network, and data from any of these is potentially exposed."Additionally, hackers may be able to target compromised sites and extract information exposed by the bug.

Il y a plusieurs situation dans lesquelles un utilisateur doit remettre à zéro son mot de passe.

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When I entered this router, there has password (it seem to be set by old employee ) .

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